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Demographic tendencies in Europe

01.07.08 | Events

The European Institute and Darik Radio organize a regional debate within the range of the project “3D – The Voice of the Young People for Europe,” financed by Directorate General Communication of the European Commission.

The debate will take place in Varna on July 11th, 2008 from 15.00 till 17.00 p.m. in the press center of the Festival and Congress Complex on the topic “Demographic tendencies in Europe.”

The audience will include students, young people with active social interests, representatives of civic organizations and media. The key speakers will be:
  • Bilyana Raeva – Bulgarian MEP;
  • Dr. Antoniya Grigorova from newspaper “9 months” – organizer of national campaign “Baby of the year;”
  • Emiliya Voinova – Director of “Demographic policy and equal opportunities” Directorate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.
Filiz Husmenova, a member of the European Parliament, will also address the audience.

Moderators of the discussion will be Juliana Nikolova, director of the European Institute, and Ognyan Boyadjiev, chief editor of Gateway Europe.

Among the discussed topics that interest young people are the European practices for stimulation of birth-rate and the Bulgarian reality, demographic problems, the increasing urbanization, personal life and development of young people – all that in the context of the areas in which the decisions depend on the Member States and in the areas where the decisions are taken at the level of the European Union.