Sunday, 9 August 2020

Juliana Nikolova's Biography

Mrs. Juliana Nikolova is former director of the European Institute Foundation. Her service in public administration started and developed in the structures responsible for the integration of Bulgaria to the European Union. She was part of the teams negotiating the affiliation of Bulgaria to the World Trade Organization, the Central Free Trade European Agreement, the European Free Trade Agreement, and a member of the core team for the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union. She was appointed to expert and managerial position in the Ministry of Industry and the administration of the Council of Ministers. In 1999 she was a deputy minister of Industry responsible for European integration of Bulgarian industry and preparation for membership into the EU. In 2000 – 2001 she was Director of European Integration and Relations with International Financial Institutions Directorate at the Council of Ministers. At the same time she was member of the Structural policy Council to the Council of Ministers and Secretary of the European Integration Council to the Prime Minister. A part-time lecturer in the University for National and World Economy and the masters programme of Sofia University.

Mrs. Nikolova possesses extensive experience in the spheres of European Integration; coordination and relations with international financial institutions; regional planning, and the adoption of the acquis communautaire. Leader and expert in a large number of projects of the European Institute connected with analyses, technical assistance provision, training and raising the awareness of society about the accession of Bulgaria to the EU and the process of EU enlargement in general, as well as on multiple aspects of European policies. She also has experience in EU programmes and projects on the Balkans.

Her interests are steadily focused to the problems of regional development and the utilization of European policies’ instruments for their complete resolving especially the European Social Fund.

Mrs.Nikolova is a lecturer at the Sofia University in a magisterial program “European studies” and her topic is The new EU cohesion policy” and as well a lecturer at the University on National and World Economy in a post graduated program European Economic Integration.

She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Open Society Institute, Sofia. Member of the Managing Board of the National Vine and Wine Chamber, the Managing Board of Professionals for Good Governance Foundation and the Managing Board of the Open Society Foundation, Sofia.