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Professional realization in Europe?

09.06.08 | News

On June 13th /Friday/, at 10.30 a.m. in the conference room of Municipality Plovdiv will take place a debate on the topic "Professional realization in Europe?," organized by the European Institute and Darik Radio.

At the event will be discussed one of the most popular topics connected with the opportunities for professional realization of young people in the second biggest city in Bulgaria. The event will take place in cooperation and with the participation of the Mayor Slavcho Atanasov.

Young people and representatives of different institutions and non-governmental organizations engaged with the problem will participate in the discussion. Their questions will be answered by MEPs Ilyana Yotovoa and Bilyana Raeva. A special video address by independent MP Maria Kapon will be broadcasted. Representatives of the National Employment Agency who can give actual information on the supply and demand for workers in the EU are also invited to the event.

Moderator of the debate will be the European Institute director Juliana Nikolova.

It is expected from all participants to share their ideas for the solution of the problem as they will define it, as well as to comment on whether the issue is connected with the EU and if the fact that we are a Member State can help for its solution.

There will be a briefing right after the event that journalists can attend.