An EMIF-Funded Conference on How Radio- and TV Broadcasters Embrace Fact-checking

The European Institute Foundation (EI) and the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) will convene a wide range of stakeholders interested in countering disinformation to a conference to discuss the ways in which public and private broadcasters embrace the new journalistic genre of fact-checking.

The event will take place on Tuesday August 8 at 10:00 a.m. local time in the House of Europe in Sofia. The conference marks the conclusion of the #factcheckEI_BNR initiative: EMIF’s pilot one-year project in Bulgaria. Those interested to attend can register through this link.

Leading broadcasters and fact-checkers from the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), NOVA TV, the European Institute (EI), the European Media and Information Fund (EMIF) and the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) will participate in the event, dedicated to the completion of the one-year initiative “Piloting Radio-FACT-Checks for a More Trustworthy Media Landscape #factcheckEI_BNR“. The initiative is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, an EMIF-supported project, implemented by EI and BNR.

During the event, EI’s Director Lubov Panayotova will present the project results and outcomes with an emphasis on the reportages and the investigations, produced and disseminated online the with the hashtag #factcheckEI_BNR.

Milen Mitev, Director-General of BNR, and a representative of EMIF’s management will highlight the importance for media to deliver  fact-checked content and reliable information for countering disinformation. The introductory part will also emphasize the need for interaction between media, institutions and other stakeholders in curbing  disinformation by providing the public with truthful and verified facts.

The panel discussion will focus on fact-checking as an emerging genre in contemporary journalism and the challenges of engaging radio and television audiences with this type of media content. The panelists include renown media professionals and disinformation researchers such as Daniela Kassovska, Programme Director of BNR, Miroslava Ivanova, the host of NOVA TV’s morning show “Hello Bulgaria”, Maria Koleva, Executive Producer at BNT’s “News and Current Affairs” Department, as well as Milena Dobreva, the Scientific Director of the Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory of Digital Media (BRODM) – an EDMO-supported project. 

The #factcheckEI_BNR initiative aims precisely at the active involvement of radio listeners in the public conversation about disinformation to critically assess news through a wide range of fact-checked pieces by making them accessible to different audiences, including the social groups most vulnerable to disinformation.

The event’s agenda is available HERE.

For more information about the project, please check THIS link.

You can see which topics have dominated the disinformation landscape in Bulgaria HERE and HERE.

And HERE you can find the complete collection of fact-checked pieces,  produced within the project.

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