Postvalidation focus group with LEAs

On 20th April 2023 the WP5 leader [Testing, Training & Strategy Development] – the European Institute Foundation, organized a postvalidation focus group. 

After the three pilot tests of the PROTECTOR platform had taken place in Antwerp, Trento and Sofia – LEAs, security practitioners and stakeholders took part in the in-person meeting held in Sofia. 

The main aim of the meeting was to complete the process of evaluation of PROTECTOR tools, as well as to explore further opportunities for adoption and exploitation, and more specifically for cross- and multi-level application of the system and its key features. The focus group has provoked fruitful and in-depth discussions between the LEAs and representatives from the expert community. It has contributed to outlining the pathways for subsequent development of the tools, their adoption and localisation. The results were summarized and integrated into the project’s official reports. 

The event gave room for reflection on the whole process of the development of the PROTECTOR tools and brought about valuable insights.

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