MEPs call for special visa programme for Afghan women seeking protection

Parliament deplores the violent takeover of Afghanistan, calls for more humanitarian aid and a coordinated response to protect those most vulnerable.

MEPs are appalled by reports of violations, including executions, of child soldiers being recruited, peaceful protest and expressions of dissent being repressed, and human rights being restricted, especially targeting women and girls. In a resolution adopted by 536 votes in favour, 96 against and 50 abstentions on Thursday, they call on the EU and its member states to work together to facilitate the evacuation of EU citizens and Afghans at risk, in particular through the use of safe corridors.

Help Afghanistan’s neighbours and those seeking protection from the Taliban regime

MEPs stress that most Afghan refugees will seek protection in neighbouring countries. The EU should therefore support those countries and help create humanitarian corridors to provide food aid, water, sanitation, and medication . However, this cannot replace a fully-fledged European asylum and migration policy , which should focus on resettling those most at risk and most vulnerable, and should include a special visa programme for Afghan women seeking protection from the Taliban regime.

Parliament also urges member states to reassess current and recent asylum applications, including rejected applications, underlining that there must be no forced returns to Afghanistan under any circumstances (39). MEPs call again on the Commission to present a legislative proposal for humanitarian visas and on member states to share responsibility equally in offering protection.

You can see the full text here

This article is published in the framework of the project “Trainings in the filed of Resettlement” under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund2014 – 2020.

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