Towards Effective Return Policy

Why an EU Return Action Plan?

The return of asylum seekers to Europe is one of the most effective ways to prevent and reduce illegal migration. It is an effective deterrent and therefore an important part of a functioning EU system in the field of migration and asylum.
Currently, illegal (economic) migrants arrive in the EU convinced that they are more likely to stay because the return system is not working.

The number of migrants returned varies considerably from one EU Member State to another. There are also big differences depending on the nationality of the migrants. Some third countries comply with their obligation under international law to readmit their nationals, while others fail to do so or do so inconsistently and reluctantly.
In 2014, less than 40% of illegal migrants who were ordered to leave the EU actually did so. With such results, European citizens cannot trust our asylum system, and illegal migrants, smugglers and human traffickers will benefit from it.

What will the action plan achieve?

It will significantly increase the number of returned migrants, while fully respecting the guarantees of a humane and dignified return process.

How will the action plan work?

The action plan will ensure that the Commission, Member States, EU agencies and third countries
– full and correct application of EU regulations;
– enhanced practical cooperation between Member States;
– improved cooperation with third countries;
– strengthened administrative systems in the Member States.

This article was published in the framework of the project “More effective return process through cooperation with other countries under the EU plan” under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, procedure “Measures in implementation of the EU Action Plan in the field return of third-country nationals.

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