Tolerant society for full value integration of the persons seeking or receiving international protection


The project aims at raising the awareness of the host society in the Republic of Bulgaria about third-country nationals and developing tolerance and positive attitudes towards persons seeking or receiving international protection, as well as their effective integration in the public life of the host country.

The project activities include a number of measures for the successful integration and socialization of about 800 persons seeking/receiving international protection and members of their families, as well as conditions for direct and indirect engagement of about 10,000 representatives of the host society.

The key project activities include:

  • conducting a national information campaign targeted at persons seeking/receiving international protection and the host society, which includes the development and dissemination of information materials, TV discussions, regional roundtables and a national conference;
  • conducting cultural and entertainment events for persons seeking / receiving international protection and for representatives of local communities, including organizing concert, cinema screenings and sport events in some regional structures of the State Agency for Refugees;
  • information and publicity activities.

The expected results of the project and its impact at different levels (regional, national and European) will be essential for a better planned and long-lasting integration of third-country nationals and for the development of positive attitudes and tolerance among the host society.

Start date
9 December 2017
24 months
Reference No.
Leading organization
European Institute
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