Dissemination and Communication Expert

Apostol Apostolov

Apostol Apostolov was born in the city of Sofia. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Sofia University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”. He started working at the European Institute (EI) in 2003.

Apostol Apostolov’s responsibilities in the EI are related to: communication and dissemination; and data protection. Through the years, he has gained solid expertise and experience in the development, testing and subsequent development of various technology tools and modules. Apostol actively participates in the projects the EI implements by coordinating the conduct of quantitative research and database processing. He is also responsible for the preparation of promotional materials and visualization, the maintenance of various online-based resources and the EI’s pages.

Apostol coordinates the development of the EI’s partners’ network on a national and an international level. He serves as a communications expert interacting with international projects and partner organizations of the EI, and also represents the EI at various forums in Bulgaria and abroad.

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