Public consultation on the integration and inclusion of migrants and people with a migrant background

The European Commission is launching a public consultation across the EU to gather views on new actions that can be taken at EU level to promote the integration and social inclusion of migrants and people with a migrant background. The Commission is also inviting applications for the establishment of an expert group of migrants to participate in the development and implementation of migration policies. asylum and integration. The inclusion of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees is essential to make policies more effective and tailored to local needs.

The integration of migrants is in everyone’s interest. It fosters the development of strong and harmonious communities and protects against the evils of isolation and segregation. With this consultation and with the expert group, we will invite those who are most affected by our policies to participate in their preparation. This is our European way of life.

Through both the consultation and the expert group, the Commission seeks to gather information from a wide range of stakeholders, including national, regional and local authorities, civil society organizations, social and economic partners, businesses, education service providers and education, academia, cultural and sports organizations, migrant and individual organizations. The results of the consultation will contribute to the development of the Integration and Inclusion Action Plan announced in the Commission’s work program.

The public consultation will be available in all 24 official EU languages ​​until 21 October 2020. The call for applications for membership of the Commission’s expert group on migrants will be open until 21 September.

This news was published in the framework of the project “More effective return process through cooperation with other countries under the EU plan” under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, procedure “Measures in implementation of the EU Action Plan in the field return of third-country national

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