“The Euro is Beneficial for Bulgaria Because…” – A Campaign by EI and Sofia University’s European Studies Department

There are at least twenty proven and trustworthy answers to the question, why is the introduction of the European currency beneficial for Bulgaria? Identified by a joint team of experts and summarized in Bulgarian into easy-to-understand visuals, these twenty undisputed facts mark the beginning of a pilot awareness-raising initiative, launched jointly by the European Institute Foundation (EI) and the Department of European Studies at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky” with support by the Europe Direct information centers in Ruse, Varna and Dupnitsa.

As the topic of the Euro is becoming increasingly relevant, opponents of its introduction have begun to systematically spread misinformation to undermine public confidence in the single European currency. EI and the Department of European Studies have joined forces to make the arguments “for” better heard and understood.

The campaign with the hashtag #ProEuroFacts aims to explain to the public the benefits of the introduction of the Euro by providing verified information and proven facts. “Our aspiration is to prepare and present a set of real facts about the Euro, so that the general public is less influenced by manipulative, untrue statements and misinformation”, Lyubov Panayotova, EI’s Director and campaign initiator, commented.

“Here, we are presenting the twenty most important continuations of the sentence “The Euro is beneficial for Bulgaria because…” and – together with colleagues from EI – we will actively distribute them on social networks with the hashtag #ProEuroFacts and engage different audiences in the conversation about the direct and tangible benefits from its introduction”, Dr. Borislav Mavrov, EI’s Program Director and member of the initiative’s team, explained.

EI and the Department of European Studies call on all their friends, followers and like-minded people to share the #ProEuroFacts visuals among their contacts. Let proven facts be heard louder than manipulative suggestions… and stay tuned to this hashtag for more great content coming up soon…!

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