Citizens and business – partners in textile and footware waste management


The project is linked to the need for introduction from the Member States of a separate collection of textile and footwear waste as of 1 January 2025. In this context, it is necessary for citizens and business to unite efforts and, together with the authorities, to become partners. As a result the main objective of the project is to increase the participation and engagement of citizens and business in the processes of formulation of changes in the policy for management of widespread waste. Its specific goals are:

  • Encourage the participation of citizens and businesses in formulating a practical and effective policy to improve the management of shoe and textile waste;
  • Collaboration between business, citizens and local administration in the implementation of the principles of the circular economy and fulfillment of the EU requirements.

To achieve these goals, 4 key activities are designed:

  1. Research and analysis of practices for collection and treatment / utilization of textile and footwear;
  2. National campaign to raise public awareness and promote citizens and business participation in the process of introducing legislative changes in waste management policy;
  3. Joint activities to develop and present recommendations and suggestions for changes to Waste Management policy among NGOs, citizens, businesses and administrations;
  4. Establish a sustainable monitoring model at local level to monitor the implementation of municipal waste management policy.
Start date
1 December 2018
Reference No.
Leading organization
European Institute
Bulgarian Industry Association
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