DroneWISE is developing a Counter-UAV Command, Control and Coordination Strategy for first responders, supported by Counter-UAV Command Training for all first-responder agencies, including tactical options and decision-making frameworks, underpinned by a CUAV Command Training Handbook and easily accessible via a CUAV Online Training Portal.


  • Objective 1: To conduct a thorough analysis of end-user requirements from use-cases to assess first-responder operational challenges in responding to threats from UAVs and terrorist attacks on public spaces
  • Objective 2: To conduct a thorough analysis of UAV and UAV detection technology capacity and capability
  • Objective 3: To conduct a thorough analysis of the terrorist threat to public spaces and the terrorist use of UAVs
  • Objective 4: To develop a counter-UAV training programme to improve first-responder agencies coordination in response to UAV terrorist attacks in public spaces
  • Objective 5: To provide ready access to authoritative counter-UAV training tools for firstresponders to improve their coordinated response to UAV terrorist attacks at public spaces
  • Objective 6: To develop first-responder agencies coordinated strategic and tactical response to terrorist attacks using UAVs at public spaces
  • Objective 7: To achieve high levels of end-user engagement, collaboration and long-term sustainability of DroneWISE outputs preparing current and future generations of first responders
Start date
1 April 2019
24 months
Reference No.
European Institute
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