EUnite reaffirmned: turning to more innovative teaching content and to borderline regions


In September EI launched a new project under Erasmus+ programme. The project aims at further promoting (based on the results and achievements of EUnite1 and EUROPE Class projects) innovation in teaching on multi-disciplinary EU studies and teacher learning on a national scale. It also aims at promoting reflection and debate on the new EU challenges and enhancing knowledge about united Europe among various target groups and stakeholders.

The EUnite2 project embarks on enlarging the national and professional scope of teachers who will benefit from the project activities and outputs. In order to reach out to direct target teachers in municipalities not previously covered by JM actions, the project targets mainly cross-border regions and includes not only primary and secondary teachers but also pre-school teachers. The cross-border regions are the ones which currently suffer from increased migration and refugee pressure on Bulgaria, and where large compact communities of different ethnic/religious origin exist. Integration into the school system and inclusion in the local communities of immigrant/refugee pupils and pupils of different ethnic/religious origin is a common challenge to all target locations.

The project foresees several key activities:

  • Online courses for both advanced and beginner teachers, available on a virtual platform;
  • Examination of the teaching content of upper secondary school curriculum, which deals with EU studies and involves EU integration aspects;
  • Training workshops in different regions of the country for teachers new to the EUnite projects;
  • Discussion meetings in schools with pupils, parents, teachers and representatives of local authorities, educational inspectorates and CSOs.
Start date
1 September 2015
12 months
Reference No.
Leading organization
European Institute
Project cover

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