More Effective Return Policy in Cooperation with other countries in line with the EU Plan


In accordance with the EU Action Plan, the project focuses on the measures necessary for the preparation and the improvement of the return operations.

The main activities include:

  • survey/analysis of the current national legislation and administrative practices;
  • working meetings/discussions with Bulgarian institutions responsible for return policy and implementing the return operations;
  • working meetings with the diplomatic missions of the priority third countries /countries of origin of the potential returnees/ for Bulgarian institutions;
  • study visits to other EU MSs with longer experience in the immigration and return policy;
  • regional round tables/discussions exchanging the existing experience and practices from other countries and final conference concluding the findings and the results of the project.

The above listed activities will contribute to the proper national impact assessment of the return mechanism in Bulgaria, thus increasing the effectiveness of the national return policy.

The project activities will be implemented both on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria as well as other Member States.


Start date
10 December 2019
24 months
Reference No.
Leading organization
The European Institute
Project cover

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